Sunday, October 20, 2013

If you want to have your last supper

If you want to have your last supper
or be suicidal Christ with sublime sense,
of living, if fame and benefits
and bank account
and prestige in magazines widely cited
is unimportant to you,
if you want to be an effective martyr,
is good to be honest with your apostolate.

Speak up!
Dare to be the last before the first.
The world is already crowded
with many billies (Grahams)
swaggarts jimmies, people who install
presidents in white houses and consult 
the sale of tickets every moment.

... the world is very full of eels
and moral majorities, cardboard virtues,
ministers with lovers and secretaries
who are wicked, religionism writers
who propose their metaphysical hogwash,
but still are blackmailers & false-miracle workers 
(who went in fornication to rejoice
and to laugh in secret at shrines and motels)
You do not need more of them.

Be the exception. Do not be like them.
Take off yourself from the vain world.
Be rather a real savior.
Defend evicted people,
march in the streets
as a vile old communist.

On a visit to Guatemala see 
at 36 years-fratricidal slaughter,
financed with American money.

Go to Chile and witness
Allende killed and with it,
true democracy
thrown to the side.

Go and spit against generals, preach there.
They are Indian-killers, torturers,
matoid and demonic drug lords ...

Filter up through tunnels, go to Tijuana.
Suffer as the undocumented alien.
Carry water when crossing into the desert
Collect dry bones of children
and women, abandoned ‘chickens’.

Look at the faces of the mothers
or wives of missing children
or political prisoners killed or tortured,
Even their cupboards are empty.
They are inheritors of pain.
Clean their cheeks because
they still cry at the Plaza de Mayo.

Look toward the street where the children
are satiated with thinner in the sewers,
but hungry, orphans, abused ...

Confirm how in prisons prevail
a lot of cells full of betrayed youth,
cholos, blacks and kids on poverty
that defies the so-called 
pious prayers.
by elite whites and first-class people.

See it's uneasy to live on minimum wage
and go through life rephrasing 
and chanting Biblical verses
without inner truth and pleasure,
In the background, no certainty or agony.

The parrots are praying and deer jump
for the same reason as them.
Given these clowns at the pulpit,
cast them, put them out, but you do not kneel.

In disgust at their undeserved salaries
and large movements, their revivals,
not contribute more, not dollars and cents.
They are impeccably dressed and shielded by,
but they are tares sloppy,
hoax, yeast, whitewashed tombs
stinky in their internal content.

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